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Dibbidy Designs
Richmond, British Columbia Canada
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    Richmond British Columbia, Canada
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    As a child, I had a Strawberry Shortcake doll which I loved... only, I couldn't pronounce "strawberry" so I called her "Dibbidy" and thus, Dibbidy Designs was born! I discovered jewelry making in my teens when a friend introduced me to her hobby. My love affair with the craft grew, and now I want to share that passion with you! Few things make me happier than seeing someone wearing something I've created.

    I love working with sterling silver and gold vermeil (real gold plated over sterling silver), exquisite stones and Swarovski crystals. My most popular items are my collection of real leaf jewelry, which features real leaves which have been preserved and dipped in real gold or silver. No two leaves are the same, and they are incredibly eye-catching.

    I worked in retail for years selling other people’s products, but now I’m selling something all my own that I am really passionate about. Your feedback is always welcome. Please let me know if there is anything you are not satisfied with and I will do everything possible to address your concerns. I value my customers, so please send me a message with any questions or feedback.

    Connect with me on social media!
    Instagram: @dibbidydesigns
    Twitter: @dibbidydesigns
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